I know that my next post should have been the reveal of my last tackle box project results. Unfortunately, I have been swamped working on several projects for clients. I  have got to do a better job at carving out time for my personal sewing projects.

But with all of that going on, I thought “Hey, there is no reason I can’t take a few minutes and blog about other things on my mind and heart. Plus, I did say in the beginning that I would discuss my specific areas for goal setting and spiritual growth is the most important one for me.

I do not claim to be a deeply religious person nor do I claim to be as angelic as I look. Yup, I said it and I know you were also thinking…wow, what an angel. Okay, back to my point. Spiritual growth is an area that I have been making a conscious effort in improving. I know that I am not alone in believing that freeing yourself from negative thoughts and actions and striving towards inner peace should be a priority for everyone.

Here are just a few ideas and tips for your spiritual growth journey.


Prayer is so powerful. Don’t you agree? I don’t just mean praying over your meal or the Lord’s Prayer before bedtime. And I definitely don’t mean praying only when times get hard and you need help. I mean an actual daily and private conversation with God to give thanks for everything that you have been blessed with. Pray for help in specific areas in your life. Pray for your spouse and your family members. Pray for your business.


There is a biblical scriptures that relates to every aspect of life. I make it a habit to write down scriptures related to spiritual growth, business, finance, marriage and family, personal development, and health. Writing them down not only helps to retain them in your memory, but it also provides a great resource to refer back to when times get difficult.

It’s a must for me to read and develop an understanding of the Bible. There are several apps that you can use if you don’t have your own written copy. However, I believe an actual copy that you can highlight and take notes is best. Every morning I read the One Day Bible on my church’s website and also highlight and take notes in my actual bible.


Meditation is a process that helps to release negative thoughts and stress through relaxation techniques. Benefits include improved focus and creativity, increased happiness, improved immune system, and decreased anxiety.

I am no expert; however, my personal opinion is that meditation is best performed at the start of each day. Five to ten minutes of peaceful meditation is a great way to develop a positive mindset and prepare for the day’s challenges.

Take a yoga class or find an app that provide tips, relaxation techniques, and calming music to get you started. Myself, my mornings start with some light stretching, a mug of green tea, and reading.


Affirmations are basically positive, self- empowering statements made to encourage and declare an ideal situation. Affirmations are usually spoken or read repeatedly and help to promote positive thinking.

Through the power of technology, there are several websites and apps that will provide daily affirmations. If there is already a positive quote that you love or a goal that you are trying to reach, then you are already half way there. Write it down, tape it on your mirror, make it a screensaver, or set an alarm to repeat it every day.


When is the last time that you dedicated a part of your day helping someone less fortunate or in poor health? If you have never done any volunteer work, I assure you that you will feel immense satisfaction after you have touched the life of someone else or made a positive impact in your community.

Volunteering is as easy as visiting an assisted living facility to spend time with some of the senior citizens, calling up a local charitable organization for volunteer opportunities, or creating care packages for the homeless. The possibilities are endless.


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”—Jim Rohn. Powerful quote, huh? That is why it is so important to make sure that you choose to surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

Maybe you will have to distance yourself from a few family members or old friends. Maybe you will have to open yourself up to meeting new people. Believe me, its worth it. Drama or new social circle. Hmmm… I think I will go with the new social circle.

What do you do to become or stay spiritually connected? I’d love to read some of your ideas.