Tackle Box Project #2

This week’s tackle box pick is to create an off the shoulder look. I must admit, this project pick is not so random.

So here’s the thing. During the holidays, I created this cute velvet off the shoulder dress. It was a little shorter than I would have liked, but nonetheless, it was pretty cute. Instead of leaving well enough alone, I decided to get all extra. I added a band of gold sequin trimming to the top. Sounds great, huh? Actually the trim was a little too heavy and the shoulder opening was a little too wide which caused the top to droop. Plus, I just didn’t like the way the trim looked on the top.

Instead of correcting it, I decided to start over. I made note of the mistake I made with the length and the sizing of the opening around the shoulders. Now its time to recreate an off-the-shoulder look. But I will be using a different fabric and I haven’t quite made up my mind if I will go for something clingy, something short, something flared, or something completely unexpected. We shall see soon.

See you back later this week with the results.