It’s that time of year when gym memberships increase and storage containers for organizing are in high demand. It’s New Year’s Resolution time. I don’t really make resolutions.  Saying that I am going to change this or commit to that seems pointless if there is no plan and no accountability. Instead, set goals to improve your overall way of life.

There are six areas that I think are important to consistently focus on improving. These areas, in no particular order, are: Spiritual Growth, Family/Marriage, Business, Health, Finance, and Personal Development. These areas are interrelated and if one suffers it can affect all others.

It’s best to write out your goals for each area. Set time each day to work on each area, preferably at the same time each day so that it becomes a habit and a regular way of life. Periodically, assess your progress and determine if you need to make changes to help you reach your goals.

Over the next few weeks, I will discuss each area individually and give ideas and tips for each. “But Kim, this is a sewing and crafting blog”… I know, I know. I will be posting my DIYs but happy lives equal happy crafting ideas.

See ya later…